Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Afterlives - A Ticking Clock I Couldn't Stop

Afterlives is a side-project of William Barrett (from Have A Nice Life). the similarities are definitely present but this takes a more acoustic approach.

MP3 V2
or buy for $5, the Enemies List label is pretty great and deserves support (and it's $5).

Clann Zú - Red-Emitting Light Organ

Red-Emitting Light Organ is an EP released before Clann Zú's second and final full album, Black Coats and Bandages, and this leans more towards the folkier side of their music (aka it's more similar to Rua). this is mostly comprised of demos and stuff that never made it onto their albums and as such it's a bit rough production-wise but the songs are all pretty damn good.

MP3 V0

Alamaailman Vasarat - Käärmelautakunta

and here's another album, this one being 6 years older than Huuro Kolkko and featuring guitars. this results in an overall heavier album, with the closing track in particular being pretty monstrous, which can be a refreshing change from Huuro Kolkko. i personally don't find it as enjoyable but it still has some really strong tracks.

MP3 256

Alamaailman Vasarat - Huuro Kolkko

formed from the remains of avant-prog band Höyry-Kone, Alamaailman Vasarat are pretty similar yet have a much greater focus on the folkier style of their previous band's music. a distorted cello is the main focus of the music with little to no guitarwork through the album. the end result is a frantic, folky prog-rock album that's great fun to listen to. highlights include Mielisaurus and Tujuhuju.

MP3 V0

Friday, May 27, 2011

Algernon Cadwallader - Parrot Flies

i had totally forgotten this band existed, apparently their sophomore album dropped a couple days ago! Algernon Cadwallader play emo / math rock with shout-singing giving the band a very similar sound to Cap'n Jazz, albeit with a somewhat greater focus on the guitarwork. still, despite this not being the most original thing ever, it's very catchy and great fun which is all i could ask from a band like this.

MP3 320

True Widow - As High As the Highest Heavens and from the Center to the Circumference of the Earth

man, i loved these guys' debut, and it turns out they released a new album in like march, and i had no idea! fucking pitchfork knew about it before i did, what the fuck

anyway, lovely stoner-ish shoegaze. delightfully heavy guitar tones, yet it's not aggressive music at all. think Earthmover by Have A Nice Life... kind of. these guys remain one of the most interesting shoegaze bands i've ever listened to.

MP3 V0

Touché Amoré - Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me

pretty damn solid post-hardcore / screamo release by one of the more popular underground bands, Touché Amoré. judging by their last.fm page, this really seems to have made more popular which is great because they are really talented. pretty similar to stuff like Daitro / Pianos Become The Teeth with post-rock leanings. their vocalist is one of the more understandable in the genre, which makes the band a little more easier to get into, but he's passionate as hell and so definitely doesn't disappoint.

holy shit they're playing in australia in september, why am i just finding this out now

MP3 V2

Venetian Snares - Cubist Reggae

new Snares release. not nearly as frantic as a lot of his previous work, it's quite a bit slower and a lot less... spastic, but it works really well. nice to see him changing things up a bit, i think i would've preferred a full-length of this instead of what we got on My So-Called Life. first two songs are good, last two are great.

MP3 V0

Alva Noto - Xerrox Vol. 2

ambient / drone with somewhat of a noise influence. beautiful stuff. i am feeling pretty shitty at the moment and this is blowing my mind.

MP3 V2

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Psychic Paramount - II

been meaning to post this for the last 4 days or so but have forgotten. anyway, this is VERY loud, cacophonous psychedelic / noise rock. it can often be hard to discern any type of melody from this but somehow this makes it all the more amazing. if you like stuff like Boredoms / Acid Mothers Temple you'll probably love this, i for one think it's one of the best albums to come out of 2011.

MP3 320

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Boris - Heavy Rocks (2011)

and here's the more ROCKIN' 2011 Boris album which shares the same name as their 2002 album for some godforsaken reason. not as heavy as the previous Heavy Rocks but still a pretty damn solid effort, Missing Pieces is an amazing song at least.

unfortunately i think the MP3 quality really hampers this, much more so than Attention Please, and it doesn't sound as good as it should so hopefully a better quality recording will be uploaded soon.

MP3 192

Boris - Attention Please

omg wata singing on every track 10/10 best new music

less poppy than New Album, more dreamy than Heavy Rocks. overall a pleasant listen... but it gets a bit boring. i'll replace the shitty 192 leak when a better one surfaces.

MP3 192

Starscream - Future, Towards The Edge Of Forever

more 2011 albums, this one by a duo making chiptune better than Crystal Castles. it isn't just bleep bloops which i'm not usually a fan of, the addition of guitars and really awesome drums helps flesh out the sound, giving the band a lot more freedom to be creative. the overall sound ends up being similar to post-rock / space rock, which also fits the band name and album cover perfectly!

removed way too late because i didn't see the e-mail, major apologies to the band members. buy it here

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Moving Mountains - Waves

to be honest, i didn't expect Moving Mountains to improve on their fantastic debut Pneuma, which mixed emo/post-rock sort of like Appleseed Cast but not really (it's really fucking good though and i wholeheartedly recommend it). and to be honest, i don't think they did improve, but it's a solid effort. this album has a greater post-hardcore influence by far with some screams thrown in, and overall the sound is heavier, but the soaring guitars are still there. from what i've read there has been a LOT of backlash though, so if you enjoyed their previous release(s) (i haven't heard Foreword) you might not want to listen to this with those in mind.

MP3 V0

31knots - Trump Harm

31knots follow up their pretty good 2008 album Worried Well this year with another pretty good album, Trump Harm. quality indie rock with some noodly guitars, electronics and strangely captivating vocals. nothing really special but enjoyable.

please do not ask me about the album cover. i uploaded a 1425x1425 version though so it might make for a good desktop background.

MP3 320

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Birthday Party - Live 1981-82

listening to this makes me really wish i was born in the 1960s so i could see one of The Birthday Party's shows. possibly my favourite live album, almost every song is an improvement over the already great studio versions. Nick Cave's vocals are RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME, the bass is massive and Roland's guitarwork is pretty much perfect (and far clearer than on their studio albums funnily enough). the whole thing is a bit ear-rapish and it's long as hell but worth it.

MP3 V0

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Keiji Haino & Tatsuya Yoshida - Uhrfasudhasdd

1. Ryufoispjekkossd (5:41)
2. Dhoidvophkjiff (2:46)
3. Ruhndfhiooak (3:22)
4. Gheuebhessip (2:52)
5. Kdoibilwahg (2:22)
6. Utygghjgpoidpswb (2:06)
7. Lokskooidgiif (3:42)
8. Cchjdisoiugpodf (3:49)
9. Ddbjifpgorkh (1:56)
10. Eeyddllvioss (2:10)
11. Oodiffipoawhull (2:43)
12. Zhuddiposshk (4:19)
13. Ruhfjidfpokf (1:55)
14. Thuguigodssphiff (2:34)
15. Fiuijkdfgpokwom (3:24)
16. Mkdoijadih (4:35)

i have changed one of the real song titles to completely made up gibberish. can YOU guess which one? (no cheating!)

also, noise and drums and stuff.

MP3 V0

Friday, May 13, 2011

Hot Snakes - Audit In Progress

and here's another one, it's a fair bit shorter (only 25 minutes long which is a bit disappointing) but i prefer it to Suicide Invoice, this has better guitarwork in my opinion. highlights include Braintrust, Hi-Lites and Kreative Kontrol.

MP3 320

Hot Snakes - Suicide Invoice

ex-Drive Like Jehu members making catchy, punky post-hardcore. it's nothing mind-blowing like Yank Crime so if you come in expecting something like that then this might turn out to be disappointing. overall it is a really fun album though with killer guitarwork.

MP3 V0

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Death Grips - Exmilitary

Death Grips is a hip-hop project involving Zach Hill somehow (fortunately he isn't the one rapping). it's noisy (not the dälek wall of noise type, though) and aggressive and the vocalist gives the whole thing a tribal feel. it's... interesting, the vocalist sort of shout-raps his way through the whole thing and it's difficult to wrap your head around. personally i'm not sure if i'm that keen on it but it's interesting and they have potential so i might as well post it.

MP3 320

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jesu - Ascension

Justin Broadrick continues his ridiculous music output with an hour-long Jesu full-length this year. it feels like a mixture of Silver and Infinity to me; very shoegazey but some riffs are brilliantly sludgy and the whole thing is pretty droney (which is a good thing in my opinion).

probably the best recent Jesu release, if you liked Opiate Sun / Infinity then you'll probably like this more.

MP3 V0

let's try this again

i kind of miss sometimes posting music so i will try and get this shit back on its feet. the stuff i was writing just got really repetitive and became a chore, so hopefully this will be a kind of less words / more music type deal. maybe.

i don't know what mediafire links are up or down, judging by my folder a few of them might not be working, message me on last.fm or e-mail me.