Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Afterlives - A Ticking Clock I Couldn't Stop

Afterlives is a side-project of William Barrett (from Have A Nice Life). the similarities are definitely present but this takes a more acoustic approach.

MP3 V2
or buy for $5, the Enemies List label is pretty great and deserves support (and it's $5).

Clann Zú - Red-Emitting Light Organ

Red-Emitting Light Organ is an EP released before Clann Zú's second and final full album, Black Coats and Bandages, and this leans more towards the folkier side of their music (aka it's more similar to Rua). this is mostly comprised of demos and stuff that never made it onto their albums and as such it's a bit rough production-wise but the songs are all pretty damn good.

MP3 V0

Alamaailman Vasarat - Käärmelautakunta

and here's another album, this one being 6 years older than Huuro Kolkko and featuring guitars. this results in an overall heavier album, with the closing track in particular being pretty monstrous, which can be a refreshing change from Huuro Kolkko. i personally don't find it as enjoyable but it still has some really strong tracks.

MP3 256

Alamaailman Vasarat - Huuro Kolkko

formed from the remains of avant-prog band Höyry-Kone, Alamaailman Vasarat are pretty similar yet have a much greater focus on the folkier style of their previous band's music. a distorted cello is the main focus of the music with little to no guitarwork through the album. the end result is a frantic, folky prog-rock album that's great fun to listen to. highlights include Mielisaurus and Tujuhuju.

MP3 V0