Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation - Egor

a side-project of The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble (obviously), MFDC's albums are longer, recorded live and are mostly improvised. as such, the drone / ambient side of the band is much more prominent on these albums. Egor is their 2012 release, and those who haven't heard releases from either group are probably better off not starting here, but if you're familiar with them you'll probably dig it. i like it more than Anthropomorphic, personally.

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The Nighty Nite - Dimples

around late 2010, it was revealed that after more than 10 years, indie / noise rock band The Paper Chase broke up, with frontman John Congleton forming The Nighty Night... who sound pretty much like The Paper Chase, really. i would have liked to hear a more drastic change but it's still quality. piano, violin, noisy guitars and congleton's nasally vocals and kinda silly lyrics about stuff you'd find in horror movies.

MP3 192 (will replace soon)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sightings - Through The Panama

noise rock, leaning towards the noise end of the spectrum.

"Bass, drum and guitars meshed together with a synthetic twine envisioned in future think tanks. Literally the sound of human progress darkened with a profound fidelity so loud the dark matter of the universe quivers in a deadly orgasm. Guitar, bass and drums reconfigured for a new purpose."

also, apparently andrew w.k. produced this album. don't know what's up with that.

MP3 320

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Igorrr - Poisson Soluble

 Poisson Soluble is the first album by french breakcore artist Igorrr, well known for incorporating many different styles, most prominently baroque and metal (it works). as this is his first release, i feel that a lot of the tracks don't quite stand up to those on his later releases, but there still some gems here, like the bizarrely catchy Tartine de Contrabasse and the slower Dixit Dominus. as this is from the re-release, there are also 5 bonus tracks, with the most interesting being the collaborations with Indian Sonic.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Keiji Haino, Jim O'Rourke, Oren Ambarchi - In A Flash Everything Comes Together As One There Is No Need For A Subject

after posting Imikuzushi (also, this was their first release after Tima Formosa. whoops!) someone asked me if i had heard this so i decided to download it and give it a listen. while Tima Formosa wall full-blown drone and Imikuzushi was more simnilar to Haino's noisy rock music, this is kind of a half-and-half album, with the first two tracks falling somewhere between drone/ambient/noise and the last two with more pronounced guitarwork. really good overall.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Keelhaul - Keelhaul's Triumphant Return To Obscurity

i've heard these guys described as 'technical sludge' (i think), which honestly sums up what they're doing pretty well. sounds like a mix of sludgy riffs played at the pace one would expect from a mathcore album. mostly instrumental, with a couple of forays into tracks with vocals like on their other albums that are usually brief enough for you to not get sick of em. just a really fun album overall.

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Small Brown Bike - Our Own Wars

Small Brown Bike's first release from 1999. solid post-hardcore, doesn't do anything very "out there" to be honest but it's still good music. guitarwork reminds me of Bear vs. Shark. apparently these guys are derivative of Hot Water Music though? wouldn't know as i've never listened to HWM but apparently this is the case.

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Tear Garden - To Be An Angel Blind, The Cripple Soul Divide

 the third album from a collaboration between Edward Ka-Spel from The Legendary Pink Dots and cEvin Key (or however you spell it) from Skinny Puppy. never listened to the latter but this album has made me want to grab something by them. very melancholic, surprisingly guitar-driven album considering the two artists behind it. vocals are an acquired taste like on most LPD albums but they're really beautiful on this.

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Cows - Cunning Stunts

not jazz. Cows were a noise rock band who were active from the late 80s and all of the 90s, with Cunning Stunts being their fourth album. some of the songs on this were slower than i was expecting, reminding me of Killdozer. the vocals were less... gruff than what i though they'd be as well (for a band named Cows). fortunately all of the aspects of these band which surprised me work well.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

HTRK - Nostalgia

Nostalgia, HTRK (hate rock)'s first album, is my personal favourite by the band as it captures their sound better than Marry Me Tonight or their 2011 album. the massive bass sound paired with the constant wave of noise from the guitarist, the plodding drum machine and the half-moaning, half-singing from vocalist Jonnine Standish make this album difficult to digest but well worth it.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Comus - Out Of The Coma

over 40 years after the freak-folk band released First Utterance, widely regarded (at least on the internet) as pretty fucking classic, Comus have actually put out another album. it's about what you'd expect; the first three songs, being entirely new material, aren't as dark as on their first album (though The Sacrifice comes pretty close and rules) while The Maalgard Suite, a 15-minute song from 1972, would be excellent if the quality wasn't so mediocre. but it's still a pretty good album and it makes me smile if only because it sounds like they're having a hell of a time with the new songs.

MP3 320

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Flipper - Gone Fishin'

 the punk band Flipper are best known for their album Generic and the song Sex Bomb moreso, with the whole deal sometimes being compared to sludge. Gone Fishin', their follow-up album, receives a lot less attention, with the album featuring cleaner production and a wider range of instruments. don't think that they've changed the sound and overall mood that people love Generic for, though, this is more the band pushing boundaries.

also the album cover doubles as a cut-out for their tour van which is a totally great idea for an album cover.

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385 - 脳みそあらおう

anyone who was saddened by the disbanding of ミドリ last year, a japanese "jazz-punk" band, should definitely check these guys out, who seemingly sprung up to replace them. the general gist of this stuff is ripping guitars and bass (and drums) with piano interlaced along with a chick who goes from screaming and growling to cutesy-type vocals. so yeah, basically ミドリ. though there isn't as much piano on this EP.

MP3 320

Saturday, April 28, 2012

if anyone knows any uploading sites which aren't shit, leave a comment please. mediafire won't work and bayfiles deletes inactive files after 30 days which is a massive downside, so i'm kind of at a loss here.

edit: problem solved, hopefully. i'll probably be gradually uploading stuff as it gets deleted so leave a comment if you run into any dead links (or if you've already downloaded stuff from bayfiles it'd be a great help to reupload them; this is me being lazy but it also means i'll be able to post more new shit.)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tarmvred - Viva 6581

 Viva 6581 is rhythmic noise with a dash of chiptunes, really solid and underrated little EP.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

World's End Girlfriend - Starry Starry Night

new WEG! it's a soundtrack, so don't come into this expecting anything glitchy and off-the-wall. if you've listened to Air Doll, you'll know what to expect; if not, this album is overall ambient, mostly comprised of piano and violin (with guest vocals on a couple tracks).

MP3 320

The Legendary Pink Dots - Poppy Variations

recently gotten heavily into this band, probably because they have a shit ton of albums and most of what i've heard (a whole six of em!!!) has been awesome. overall the best descriptor for the band would be 'psychedelic rock', with the mood of this album being rather sombre overall and leaning towards ambient in some cases. every release i've heard from these guys has been majorly creative and this is no execption.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Keiji Haino, Jim O'Rourke, Oren Ambarchi - Imikuzushi

the last collaboration before this album by the trio of boundary-pushing musicians, Tima Formosa, was very minimal and droney. Imikuzushi, however, is on the opposite side of the spectrum, with the three musicians blasting out 70 minutes of feedback-laden noise rock. definitely get this if you're a fan of Fushitsusha. also ridiculously long song titles.

MP3 320

Monday, April 16, 2012

Pig - A Poke in the Eye... With a Sharp Stick

i'm kind of reluctant to listen to any other albums by Pig (otherwise known as Raymond Watts from KMFDM) as aside from this i've only heard Pigmartyr which i hated, but i like this quite a bit. synthy industrial that was produced by Thirlwell and so is pretty similar to Nail. a couple of songs are cringeworthy and while it's intentional (Peoria...) it's not really something i'd want to listen to more than once. overall, though, this is pretty damn solid.

MP3 V0

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Black Swan - Aeterna

nothing to do with the movie. drone / ambient, only listened to it once but it's one of my favourite albums of 2012 already. mostly noisy throughout the album, but rarely ever harsh, with choirs, piano and violin incorporated into the tracks. all aspects of the album leads up to the final 20 minute song , Dying God (Suite), which will probably blow your mind.

link removed as per request, listen to / buy it here

Monday, April 9, 2012

Position Parallèle - Position Parallèle

Position Parallèle is the duo behind Dernière Volonté, a martial industrial / neofolk band which has been described as 'military pop' making full-blown synthpop. i don't listen to much synthpop, so my enjoyment probably stems from loving the vocalist, though i dig the music backing the vocals as well; it gives of a 'cold' vibe, i suppose.

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Arab On Radar - Yahweh Or The Highway

AOR's last album. it's similar to Soak The Saddle (they still aren't trying to make their music accessible!) but remains crazily creative and interesting.

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Arab On Radar - Soak The Saddle

"Wildly creative/abrasive noise rock from Providence, RI. All the good bands come from there! One guitarist plays a line in your left ear, the other one plays in your right ear, the drums kind of pound out a weirdo rhythm and the singer vomits some helium. And by "guitar line" I mean "bizarro scraping, trebly, feedbacky mess". This is exactly as entertaining as it sounds! Also features lyricism that would make James Joyce blush and Shakespeare weep."


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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Worrytrain - Worrytrain

Worrytrain's first, self-titled album lays the groundwork for an amazing series of releases across the next four years. ambient / neoclassical songs, mostly consisting of piano and cello, mixed with electronic noise (the latter is not quite as present here compared to some of his other albums, though). not much else needs to be said. it's really haunting stuff.

MP3 V0

Gridlock - Further

Gridlock formed in 1994, making industrial / electronic music. Further is their second album and showcases well the style of music they made, with beats often heard coming from rhythmic noise artists complementing cold ambient soundscapes, a mix that works better than one may expect. this album has some vocals which i'm not too keen on but fortunately they never detract from the music.

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

WHOURKR - Concrete

"cybergrind" in the same vein as NOISM except slower and with more glitch influence. one of the dudes in this band is behind Igorrr, which is probably how most people find WHOURKR in the first place... think of tracks like Cruciform Dachshund spread out to an entire album with ridiculous vocals over it all. and by that i mean that the vocals fit the music perfectly but there is no way that they can be taken seriously.

MP3 320

Ancre - Nacre

instrumental post-hardcore / screamo band (can you call it screamo if the band doesn't have a vocalist???), has members from bands like Mihai Edrisch and Sed Non Satatia. from these names one may expect there to be some post-rock influence and this is definitely the case, with the shortest of the four songs on the album being 4:57. don't worry though, it's not just crescendocore with heavier guitars.

MP3 V0

Hot Snakes - Do Not Resuscitate

a single released in 2011, haven't heard anything about a new album but here's hoping it's a sign of things to come. second song is more chaotic than the first, which is a bit more poppy and kind of weak in my opinion. both of them are pretty good though, shame they're both less than 2 minutes long.

MP3 V0

Monday, April 2, 2012

Hot Snakes - Automatic Midnight

the third Hot Snakes album posted here is the first they released, and i'm tempted to say it's my least favourite simply because of the 15 minutes of silence tacked onto the last track which is annoying as that track fucking rules. Salton City might be my least favourite Snakes track as well. aside from these couple of bumps along the way it's a really solid album. vocalist sounds more like he did on the Drive Like Jehu albums seeing as how this is his first album since DLJ broke up.

MP3 V0

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Swell Maps - Jane From Occupied Europe

Swell Maps are everything i love in a post-punk band. crazy, creative songs with guitars that aren't afraid to be noisy while still playing some catchy shit. a lot of this album is instrumental, especially around the middle, which often results in tracks that bear resemblance to noise rock. also this was released in 1980 and it still sounds fucking amazing production wise.

MP3 256

Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Pop Group - For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder?

The Pop Group's second album has always been overshadowed by Y, and this is no surprise considering Y is fucking amazing, but it doesn't help that For How Much Longer... is also shorter and sounds a bit more abrasive than their first. while i'm apathetic towards the political aspects of the album, it has some great songs that will unfortunately always be compared to the ones on Y. sadly, they aren't amazing enough and so despite being well worth listening to this will pretty much always be remembered as 'that other album by The Pop Group'.

MP3 V0

Friday, March 30, 2012

Malady - Malady

Malady were comprised of members from pg.99 and City of Caterpillar, but personally i would consider their music more along the lines of something like Daïtro. there is definitely some post-rock influence here. very energetic but also beautiful, with The World Is A Tomb in particular an absolute classic. sadly this self titled album was all they produced, as they formed in 2004 and broke up in 2005. oh well

oh man check out that file name i am SO clever (MP3 V0)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

NOISM - Plusminus

this is the only album NOISM have released and it's safe to say that they live up to their name. Plusminus makes most cybergrind bands sound like synthpop, producing a mixture of programmed drums and insanely technical death metal. this shit is loud and chaotic, and you're barely able to process any sort of melody before the guitarist moves on to something else. which is the entire appeal of the music.

MP3 V2

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

XBXRX - Sixth In Sixes

XBXRX's fourth album of six consists of 19 songs that are over in 25 minutes. very fast and very noisy punk music that is almost comparable to The Blood Brothers. aside from the basics this is actually kind of difficult to describe.

MP3 V0

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pygmy Lush - Old Friends

wow this was released a year ago and i did not know it existed until today. anyway this is Pygmy Lush's third album and with it they seem to have completely ditched the screamo tracks for good, with this being their second album consisting of solely folk songs. this album feels somewhat uplifting and happier in comparison to Mount Hope (granted it's been a while since i listened to it) and some of the stuff here seems more influenced by post-rock than their previous albums. despite this, Old Friends is just as melancholy as their older material.

MP3 320

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Atooishinjuu - The Death Imprint

fairly unknown side project of the late Kris Angylus from The Angelic Process. as is to be expected, this is not a quiet album. this is probably a love-it-or-hate-it album, as i've read some complaints about the vocals and the guitars, which have been described as similar to Tool... personally though i don't see the problem with them.

MP3 V0

Hosome - Jakamashi Jazz

one band that i have repeatedly tried to like but haven't been able to is deerhoof. these guys are pretty much what i expected deerhoof to sound like before i had listened to them. crazy mix of amen breaks and noisy guitars that still manages to sound poppy, and with no songs over 3 minutes, the band switches to something new before you get the chance to get sick of them.

MP3 320

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Slaraffenland - Private Cinema

"Slaraffenland are a Copenhagen, Denmark based band. Their sound is a mixture of many different styles, including post rock, experimental rock, alternative, noise, and freeform-jazz, combined in a unique process that is half composition and half improvisation."

after reading this on their page i thought this was going to be some mindblowing album so i was a bit disappointed... it's good though. lots of interesting instrumentation and i like the drums a lot.
MP3 V0

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sol Invictus - Lex Talionis

Sol Invictus' debut album. i'm gonna be lazy and copy-paste part of a review i found of the album.

"Much of this album could just be described in terms of post-punk with folk influences, from the opening track Blood And Wine which is based on a simple, repeating pattern of piano notes (which comes back as a reprise in closer Wine and Blood) and the title track which follows it becomes evident that this is going to be an album based around plenty of gloomy, repetitive bass hooks. These appear in many of the songs and anchor the rest of the compositions well, which include some electronic noise influences, luscious acoustic guitars, thumping drum machines, basically what you would expect from a new wave group jamming with some guy on an acoustic guitar."

MP3 V0

Picastro - Whore Luck

sombre slowcore / folk, if you're into Nadja you probably downloaded Fool, Redeemer which was a split between these guys and the aforementioned drone doom band. obviously that saw Picastro moving more into drone territory, but this album is more along the lines of what they've made previously. check out Become Secret if you like this one or vice versa, they're both good albums.

MP3 V0

Rowland S. Howard - Teenage Snuff Film

solo album by the guitarist from the birthday party. post-punk, released almost 20 years after they broke up so while the guitarwork is great don't expect anything quite as noisy as what you may have heard from TBP. the guitars still have an edge to them, especially on tracks like Breakdown (And Then...), and while the lyrics are rather depressing i find this album to be pretty chill overall.

MP3 V0

Monday, March 19, 2012

Satanicpornocultshop - Takusan no Ohanasan

another album by these dudes, similar to .Aiff Skull which i personally think is better but whatever, this is still quality. the track titles confuse me but apparently most of this is comprised of remixes? they sound original enough so who cares. the songs Catherine Ferroyer Blanchard sings on (or the songs of hers they remixed....???) are probably my favourites, love her voice.

MP3 V2

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Satanicpornocultshop - .Aiff Skull EP

mediafire's sayin my account was suspended (though the links seem to work fine?) and presumably this is the reason why my uploads keep failing so back to bayfiles for now! sorry if this shit makes you wait for a couple minutes to get your files, i don't know what causes the change in waiting time.

anyone familiar with Satanicpornocultshop (or anyone who looks at the band name) should know that they make some strange music, and this hour-long "EP" is no different. in terms of its genre, it's electronic music, that's about all i can say. this album features vocals in japanese, english and french, loads of samples and an MC Hammer cover. it's just bizarre, fun shit.

MP3 V2

Monday, March 12, 2012

Killdozer - Uncompromising War On Art Under The Dictatorship Of The Proletariat / Burl

damn that is one long album title. 17 plodding noise rock songs that are, unsurprisingly, political in nature (there are a bunch of scans included which elaborate on this better than i ever could), though there's a humorous side to it, mostly thanks to the vocalist's "really low silly growl" which is absolutely ridiculous. the whole thing kind of reminds me of the Melvins, if you like them you'll probably dig this.

MP3 V0

Portrait - Complete Discography

too many bands named portrait. these guys are a screamo band (also not to be confused with Portraits of Past) that have unfortunately been outshined by the HEAVY METAL band with the same name. the main draw for this band is the addition of the viola, which probably inspired bands like I Would Set Myself On Fire For You. granted, the music on this album is a lot rawer.

MP3 V2

Astrobrite - Whitenoise Superstar

anyone familiar with the shoegaze band Lovesliescrushing - a duo who play shoegaze with almost solely guitars, with the result being drone-like - probably know Astrobrite, led by the LLC guitarist. Astrobrite's albums seem to lean more towards noise pop than drone, but Whitenoise Superstar is definitely more noise than pop. this album is LOUD AS SHIT in a way that can only be expressed through use of the caps lock key, with ethereal vocals and strange electronic beats alongside crushing guitars.

MP3 V0

Monday, March 5, 2012

Aussitôt Mort - Nagykanizsa

post-rock / screamo band with slight sludge elements from france, one of my favourite french vocalists alongside the one from Daïtro.

seems Spreading Neurotoxins already got this up oh well. check that blog out it's rad

MP3 V0

The Chinese Stars - Listen To Your Left Brain

after Six Finger Satellite and Arab on Radar both went on hiatus in the late 90s and early 00s respectively, The Chinese Stars popped up, sporting a bunch of members from AOR and SFS' drummer. Listen To Your Left Brain, while not coming close to the noisy shit commonly found on albums from the members' past bands, will still quench your thirst for weird-ass noise rock, with vocalist Eric Paul standing out in particular.

MP3 V0

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Men - Open Your Heart

these dudes came out of nowhere with their 2011 album Leave Home, which was a roaring mixture of noise rock, punk and sludge. OYH tones it down a bit though and while the guitars are still as loud as ever, it's a bit more of a traditional rock and roll album. still, anyone who liked Leave Home probably won't be disappointed with this.

MP3 320 (not my upload but not a transcode.)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Angel'in Heavy Syrup - III

chilled-out, dreamy psychedelic rock from a japanese all-girl band. could even say there's some dream pop / shoegaze influence. really nice stuff.

MP3 V0

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Angelic Process - Solipsistic

for those who have never listened to The Angelic Process: shoegaze / drone / doom mixture. don't listen to this, go get Weighing Souls With Sand or something

for those who have: released unreleased material!! obviously it's going to be a bit worse than their actual albums but who cares

MP3 V2