Saturday, April 28, 2012

if anyone knows any uploading sites which aren't shit, leave a comment please. mediafire won't work and bayfiles deletes inactive files after 30 days which is a massive downside, so i'm kind of at a loss here.

edit: problem solved, hopefully. i'll probably be gradually uploading stuff as it gets deleted so leave a comment if you run into any dead links (or if you've already downloaded stuff from bayfiles it'd be a great help to reupload them; this is me being lazy but it also means i'll be able to post more new shit.)


  1. i uploaded one or two albums with zippyshare then ran into problems with the upload page timing out before i could get the files up... but i've found a site that's basically megaupload so i shouldn't have many more problems.

  2. minus it looks new and good?

  3. yeah it's a bit shit, ideally i'd be using something that doesn't have a 30 second wait time or captcha, but at least it's not inundated with ads... my fault for having a computer / internet connection that's incompatible with the better filehosting sites, but i don't think i can fix it