Tuesday, February 16, 2010

maudlin of the Well - everything

2012 EDIT: i would not recommend downloading any of the links i uploaded except for Bath. not because there's anything wrong with the zips, but because the bitrate is kinda fucked for My Fruit Psychobells and i'm not sure but Leaving Your Body Map is probably a transcode... they're still here for posterity, though.

maudlin of the Well are an excellent progressive metal band from Boston. they came together in 1996 and released three albums over the course of 7 years, split up, then reformed in 2008 to release an entirely fan-funded album last year (that is one of the best of 2009, i might add). highly recommended.

also, they're better than Opeth.

their first album, released in 1997 (though this is the remastered version). it's the only album that has a female singer on it, if i recall correctly. this album isn't as strong as their others, but it should be considered a starting point for the band to expand upon this sound and is a very good album regardless.

258 kbps average (bitrate is kind of all over the place but is mostly high quality)

Bath is their second album, and probably their best. Toby Driver is an amazing vocalist and that is shown all too clearly on this album. his ability to go from soft, mellow singing into a death growl is amazing, and it is somewhat mimicked in the instrumentation. i have to say that this album can be a bit challenging, but it's worth it to persevere.

MP3 V0
part 1
part 2 - bonus tracks

Leaving Your Body Map was released in the same year as Bath, and they are considered companion albums. as such, there is no real departure from their sound, but it is still varied and interesting. this album has Gleam In Ranks, which is probably one of the best metal songs ever.

MP3 256

and finally, the entirely fan-funded album, Part The Second. the elements of metal on this album have been toned down to the point where they're almost entirely gone. that doesn't make this a bad album, though; quite the contrary. the mellow sections of the previous albums have been expanded on and made into a beautiful 45 minute album. this is one of the best albums of 2009, easily.

a lot of formats (since it's fan-funded, they released it for free!)

haven't typed this much in a while.

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