Thursday, April 22, 2010

La Dispute - Somewhere At The Bottom of the River Between Vega And Altair

Up, M'Lady--Pack your things, this place is not your home.
Nor was it ever, sever every tie, tonight we ride. Tonight we ride.

And how we've trembled at the way that time's
Assembled little fires of desire in the tundra of our skin.
So, do yourself a little favor, savor every time you waver
For that shaking in my voice was only slyly feigned chagrin.
Tonight we ride.

Oh, Lover, uncover. I know it's warm beneath your sheets
And there is ice along the streets but listen—Lover, we will recover.
But we've no time to waste with meddling in affairs
We've locked so tightly in our dreams.
We are not clean, we are not pure, we can not rest until we're sure.
So, rob your pretty little eyes of sleep's disguise.
I'm at your bedside with a bucket full of lies.
So, clear your ears and listen---

Up, M'Lady--Pack your things, this place is not your home.

as a big fan of post-hardcore / screamo, i had seen these guys mentioned plenty of times but for some reason never bothered to check them out. after i listened to the album i was kicking myself. hopefully the large wall of amazing lyrics (they are all that good) will persuade someone to download it, as i think this album is absolutely flawless.

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