Sunday, May 30, 2010


(this is not an excuse to make up for not uploading anything, i swear)

so after reading a thread on /mu/ (lol) that involved listening only to an artist for a month straight, i have decided that starting june 1 i am going to listen to the MERZBOX, 50 CDs of noise. FUN

i value my sanity so i'm not spreading it out over a month, but instead a week. judging by my calculations this means roughly 3.5 hours of merzbow per day (something tells me i'm not going to go over this amount). since i am gay and also value my scrobbles feel free to check my updates at and also chronicling my adventures (for when i look back at my 15 year old self and laugh) at

i will keep updating this blog assuming i don't go absolutely insane and kill myself or something

if for some reason you want to listen along feel free to download it here, uploaded by some crazy individual.

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