Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Converge - Axe To Fall

"what the fuck nick, is that the vocalist? why do you listen to this shit"

-my friend on Converge

Axe To Fall is Converge's latest album, and this release the wall-of-sound days of Jane Doe are definitely over. that isn't a bad thing, however. adopting more of a death metal influence, ATF is filled with heavy guitarwork (with a few solos thrown in) and Bannon's trademark vocals form more of a snarl than a scream yet are as vicious and unintelligible as ever. the drummer Ben Koller is also a standout, pounding out some incredible rhythms.

the last two tracks are somewhat of a departure for Converge; Cruel Bloom features Steve Von Till of Neurosis fame, not contributing to a sludgy song but instead creating an odd country-ish piece. the final song, Wretched World, also features Genghis Tron on what is a soft, almost ambient track. these songs may take a while to get used to but did grow on me, despite seeming somewhat out of place.

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