Monday, October 18, 2010


this is obviously not an album. this is a really fun little indie game that i recently bought and loved. the art style, very similar to NES / SNES games is vibrant and wonderful. the gameplay revolves around 'flipping' where you press a button and gravity reverses for your character. this creates a goldmine of clever puzzles. i recall one section where a character followed you if you were on the ground but stopped moving if you were on the roof, which led to a variety of situations where you had to try to not get the follower falling into spike pits. the game is also a bitch difficulty-wise (you can unlock a no-death mode. there is no proof whatsoever that anyone has completed this.) and the huge overworld combined with the collection of 20 tokens and time trials means that even after you finish the game has a great deal of replay value.

or support the creator (it would be great if you did this regardless of whether you download it from mediafire or not)

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